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What about working for Trófea? We welcome honest, trustworthy and joyful people on our team anytime! We provide fair circumstances for all of our employees to fulfill career potentials.

Why our team?:

- Long-term, reliable jobs
- Young and friendly team
- Competitive salary
- Training and retraining opportunities

Job opportunities in our restaurants:


We are looking for a reliable, young and enthusiastic girl, with good communication skills for a position as a receptionist. Flexibility and working overtime should be her main assets concerning work schedules. A degree in catering or in tourism could be an asset, but not required. It’s important to be able to work as part of a team, to have organizing skills and a strong sense of responsibility. Personality should be customer oriented and highly empathic. Job description: welcoming and informing guests; recording reservations received by phone, e-mail or in person; coordinating and organizing different programs; managing cloakroom. Speaking of basic Hungarian required.


Serving food (demonstrating of the available options) in Trófea Grill, is a complex task. It requires a bit of culinary experience, a sense of beauty and unwearying attention, that will result in the expected, high Trófea standards of the dishes, that are well known by our guests. A little experince and a lot of enthusiasm will present the most spectacular and delicious food onto the dumb waiters. Send us your CV, if you feel like dressing the wide variety of Trófea delicacies! Knowledge of basic Hungarian required.


Do you like driving? Do you know fairly well, how to drive in our city (Budapest)? Getting into traffic jams, wouldn’t upset you? Are you neat, nice and polite and able to work as part of a team? Are you a reliable person, who takes great care of her/his car? Do you get positively motivated, if you get other chores besides driving from time to time? Then we need you! Send us your CV, if you have a car or a motorbike on your own in appropriate technical condition! Basic Hungarian required.


As a waitress or waiter of the Trófea Grill team, most importantly you must assess your responsibility, being the main contact person with our guests. If you already know all about waitressing, but you are ready for more challanges and you don’t even get lost in the world of numbers, you may find the ideal job for yourself on our team. You must be at least 18 years old, with a burning desire to serve our guests with respect, attention and polite kindness. Hungarian language skills are required.

You may apply: only in writing. Send your CV with a picture to: