What we are proud of:

Trófea Grill Restaurants

The Trófea Grill Restaurants are Superbrands award winners in the years of 2022!

The Trófea quality has won the Superbrands award this year again (for the second time)! This is quite a merit internationally both in the professional cicles and towards the public. The trademark guarantees an excellent quality, that our guests can trust.

The Superbrands trademark primarily serves as a guide for potential customers, so they can surely locate the most excellent and trustworthy brands in all areas of business. Trófea quality has been proven worthy again of the trust and loyalty of its guests.

Thank you!

Kiskep rolunk

Unlimited consumption (all you can eat) at a fixed rate!

Trófea Grill Restaurants

In our restaurants you can choose from a wide variety of delicious hot and cold meals and dishes for a fixed price. Our, so called, smorgasboard contains more than a 100 different types of food. You can select wine, champagne, draught beer, alcohol-free sodas, soft drinks, juices, mineral water and coffee, that can be consumed with no limit.

Enjoy the advantages of our wide-variety-buffet system by tailoring the meals and dishes to your specific taste and needs. In our abundant offer you can find uncounted dishes among hot and cold appetizers, soups, main courses and desserts.

Both the fans of the traditional Hungarian cuisine and people, who are interested in the health reforms around the kitchen can locate their favourite meals at our restaurants. We also surprise those, who love the tastes of Asian cooking with our sushi offer. As part of our gourmet buffet, you can find fresh raw meat and vegetables marinated in different kinds of seasoning. On request, our chef will prepare it according to your specific desires in our spectacular grill kitchen, within just a few minutes.

On the buffet some meals display indicates the allergens, giving rise to sensitivity products, ingredients. Our kitchen is not specialized for this, cross-contamination may occur. On the day of the event may ask Chef and the staff for help.
You can have a real good time with us at your corporate or family events or at a simple Trófea lunch in the circle of your friends!

With our warm welcome,
Trófea Grill Restaurants

Have a great time!

Our special services:

Home-made pastries:
In our restaurants all bread and bakery products are locally made, using solely handicraft technology and only natural ingredients with no additional inert material.

Locally brewed ice-cream
For children:

• 50 % off under the height of 150 cms!
• Free under the age of 3!
• Baby chairs are provided upon request.
• Sunday lunchtime: babysitting + baby-mom rooms.

Wireless Internet access is available!


Tailor your meals to your taste from our buffet offer!

• Hungarian and international cuisine
• vegetarian delicacies, health food
• soups, hot and cold appetizers
• ready-cooked dishes, salads, raw vegetables
• marinated meat, home-made sausage specialities
• fresh vegetables grilled at our spectacular grill kitchen
• sweet and dry champagne, flowing wines, draught beers
• carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks
• mineral water and coffee


Trófea Grill Restaurants Home Delivery

How would you like to enjoy our delicious meals in your own home, instead of cooking for long hours?

Choose our home delivery service, thru which most of the known delicacies of Trófea can be ordered. Follow our Facebook postings and sign up for our newsletter, if you want to be well-informed about our current promotions and events.

Have fun! Enjoy!